Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick---Don't Think About An Elephant!

William F. Livingston: One of the many faces of journalism

(*Edit 3-29-2013 - I have no idea why this particular post is generating so much traffic, but it's one of the most insular and specific posts on the site, being essentially about a grumpy old sportswriter from Cleveland whom you have likely never read or even heard of, and it is the only sports post I have ever really done, as generally politics and culture are more what I tend to rant about.  Read it if you please, but check out the rest of the site here.  I have much better stuff than this lame entry)

Exactly five days after telling us to stop making heroes out of athletes, Billy Livingston, grumpy old man extraordinaire, wrote a new column that....wait for it....declared Browns left tackle Joe Thomas a hero for bestowing upon the Cleveland Browns the rare honor of consenting to cash 84 million dollars worth of their checks.

Do I really need to go into detail as to why this guy is such a putz?  Does this really need to be a 1200 word diatribe in order to get my point across?

No, I didn't think so.

(EDIT: Today Billy Boy Livingston wrote an even more hackish column in which he "admitted" to making some mistakes in the past.  

"What were these mistakes," you ask?  Mainly typos.  

Yeah, that's right, Bill Livingston thinks his greatest in-print mistakes are limited to typos.  But as you can see above, or see here, Billy Boy has made some doozies that he has apparently forgotten all about.)

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