Monday, March 18, 2013

It's never too late unless Rob Portman beats you to it.

Where's a fucking time machine when you need one?

After standing mutely by while her expedient husband signed the Defense Against Marriage Act back in '96, and then after coasting by on the fact that her party was the only one that even tacitly supported a homosexual's right to exist, let alone get married, Hillary Clinton watched Rob "Empathy" Portman (Hypocrite-Ohio) officially go on record as being in favor of gay marriage this past week; something the probable Democratic candidate in 2016 had never actually done herself.

And that's how we end up getting a slow Monday news story where Sec. Clinton officially declares herself to be out and proud, which is something most of her supporters assumed she had already done long ago.


Expect Clinton to be just the first of many democrats in the coming weeks who will be having their oh-shit-come-to-jesus moments once they all digest the fact that Rob Fucking Portman was quicker to the gay marriage support bandwagon than they were.

Lost in all the ridicule of Portman for only changing his gay-bashing tune once his son made Portman realize that all that gay bashing actually affected him personally is the fact that a horde of Dems  have never actually said public word one in favor of gay marriage, as they have long been able to be seen as pro-gay simply by not having an "R" next to their names.  So why bother saying something that will piss people off if you can get credit for having done so without actually having to do it, right?

That changes now.

Because let's face it, appearing like you are behind the curve on a social issue in comparison to Rob Portman...

Do I even need to finish that tortuous sentence?

No democrat wants to face a GOP opponent who can claim to have been in favor of gay rights first, so get ready for The Great Gay Off of 2013 in the weeks to come.

And way to go, Rob Portman.  You may be a total slime who couldn't see the frying pan until your son hit you upside the head with it, but you may have actually done some inadvertent good here.  Maybe if Mr. Portman the Younger starts dating a melon picker who can't get healthcare, then Pa Portman might end up becoming an actual human being some day.

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  1. So, you are saying that Ms. Clinton is a bit cynical and got hoisted by her own petard, eh? In the words of one for whom this subject matter is dear, "Surprise-surprise-surprise!!!"

    Left or right, male or female, it's always them first, the greater good seventy-second.