Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rubes in the house

You know, it's one month until Spring Training and the Tribe payroll now sits at right about the same spot it was last year, albeit minus Bob Howry, Kevin Millwood and Scott Elaraton, and, admittedly, plus a few raises for returning players. And those three missing players? They have been replaced by Paul Byrd, Jason Johnson and Mr. N.O. One.

So they have a weaker team for about the same money--plus whatever raises the existing players are due. So let's say it's about 46 million, give or take. A tad higher than last year, but just a wee bit short (or a fucking whole lot short, if you prefer) of the "north of 60 million" that Scrooge McDolan is claiming in the papers (just me or does he sound like W proclaiming victory in Iraq?).

But congrats on that extra 30-40 million--or more--of TV revenue your new sports station is going to generate. Hope that fills out the Dolan family retirement plan nicely, Larry. Umm. . .so where's that other 15-20 million that you keep saying you are going to spend on the team going to go exactly, Scrooge, me boy? Into refreshments? I mean, who is left to pick up now that you have passed on every decent hitter who was out there? And did I mention you have yet to sign a hitter of any kind? Do you realize that your 1st and 3rd basemen and your left fielder are still Ben Broussard, Aaron Boone and Casey Blake? Do you even know the names of any of the players on your team?

Hey, let's raid the kid's piggy bank to get those season tickets now, baby!!! Woo-hoo, as Homer Simpson might say. Indians fever. Be a believer. With the Cleveland Indians.

Just kill me now, as I might say.

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