Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rest without peace

"Yeah, I could use some good drugs right about now."

Continued family health problem continue to cause Schmoker blog problems.  I just do not have the time to blog at the moment (and I am devastated, as that means BP continues to get off without my yet calling them the scum of the earth and explaining exactly why that is so), so I'm hitting you up with yet another link.  This one, however, is likely one you have probably never run across before.  It's a podcast done by a couple of television writers named David Simkins and Marc Zicree.  It you ever wanted to know how television shows get made (and, to a lesser extent, movies), then this is an enjoyable peek behind the curtain, as they talk the hows and whys and what-the-fucks with a wide variety of writers    young and old, male and female, good and bad    over the course of what is so far thirty separate podcasts. I particularly recommend the editions with Lee Goldberg, Larry Karaszewski & Scott Alexander, Mark Fergus, and Brad Kern & John Wirth.  But they are all valuable, and there is also an excellent repost of an old and interesting interview with Stanley Kubrick that was originally conducted during the days of 2001.

And if you fancy that you may one day wish to write for television or film, then these podcasts are more than simply interesting.  They are, in fact, a must, as they are as edifying as anything I ever learned while studying theater and film at a prestigious college program which shall remain nameless. 

So check them out.  Thank me later.

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