Friday, November 30, 2012

This shoe shouldn't be on any foot.

"I'm sure glad to see the left is coming around to my way of thinking."

There is not much to say about this shit, other than to point out that witch hunts are not okay just because they are being led by people on my side of the political isle.  Stupid is as stupid does has never applied so well as it does when talking about people attacking a man (who, it just so happens, shares all of their views and goals) simply because they don't think he's funny.  Oppression in response to oppression has never been an answer to anything other than the question of what is stupid and fucking counterproductive.

And while trying to get a man fired from his job (and working to make him permanently unemployable) is not quite on the level with beating a man to death because you do not happen to like what he does with his cock, defending a wrong by saying it's not as bad as another wrong that you experienced is not, I am pretty sure, a very effective argument for anything.  It's also the same argument that every bigot and despot who has ever walked the earth has used before you.

Worst of all is that even with so many real world problems still to be addressed, there are hysterical branches of the very necessary activist movements out there who just go around inventing things to attack and fix.

But there are some things, no matter how unfunny you may find them, that are simply not a threat to you.  Jokes about one man's balls slapping another's would be one of those things, as would be the idea of cumming on a comic book character's face.

Even were we to reach a point where women and gays had full equality on every level with the stupid fucking white men who have been oppressing them all these years, there would still not be a single reason to expend any energy on tasteless jokes about banging super heroes.  Tasteless jokes neither hurt you, nor do they create an environment that would cause people to want to hurt you.  At worst, tasteless jokes are the result of said poor environment, rather than the cause, but even that would be stretching it pretty fucking thin in this particular case.

If you have to go out of your way to find people to attack (especially when they are people who, it turns out, have been fighting on your side for years), then you are actually just as much a part of the problem as those who would deny you your equal rights.

It's a tricky thing to believe you have the right to ban that which offends you while at the same time opposing others who would ban you because you offend them.

That could be why the constitution does not contain anything about the right not to be offended. 

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