Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Addition by Addition

Two posts down is my early Lost recap of the episode I am now calling Poor Richard's Soul-on-a-Rack. Yeah, it was tough finding an appropriate word that rhymed with "Almanac," so I just bailed on it and took a bath. Hopefully I will come up with something better later, but it at least rhymes and makes sense, even if the poetry of the syllables takes an awful beating in the process. Jacob and the Man in Black really did play tug of war with our Maybelline Man's soul last night, did they not?

Obviously this episode got to me more than my initial recap would suggest, else why the frak would I still be writing about it over and over again? So, just putting this up now to alert you that I added quite a bit to the end of the original Recap Post that is two posts below this one. Just some new nuggets that came to me whilst wasting my lunch hour reading more posts and comments elsewhere.

And, yeah, I said, "frak." I'm still trying to keep my Lost posts obscenity-free, because lord knows that nothing else I write here will likely ever be.

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