Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Lost from a lost soul.

So, yeah, a trip to the emergency room sure puts a crimp in both your weekend and your blogging.

Of course, I would imagine that having an actual life in general would also put a big crimp into your blogging (although it probably boosts your weekend exponentially), but I wouldn't really know what that is like.

Still, it does seem to me that the more boring and pedantic things are out in the real world, the more time I have to be spewing out into the Great Wide Internet what-ever-in-the-hell has my mind occupied at any given pedantic moment.  Unfortunately this weekend was--for once--not one of those times.

So, no time to write this weekend, but plenty of time to think while waiting to find out if my dad had pneumonia and was going to be admitted to the hospital (he did, and he was).  And I came up with a doozy batshite-crazy theory for Lost.  Let's hope this week is more boring and pedantic than was this past weekend, so then I can get everything down in electrons before the next episode airs.

Yeah, that means this blog is going more and more Lost-centric for the next nine weeks, much to the relief of Jeff Zucker--although much to the derision of probably everyone else.  But I knew once I pulled the cork on my Lost mania and wrote one piece, I'd never stop.

C'est la vie.

Anyway, as a teaser let's look at something that was said on the last episode, but was then immediately discarded as total BS by most everyone---that Jacob is the Devil.  Everyone thinks that line was completely false and just part of Smokey's long con of Richard.  But what if Jacob really is the Devil?  And what if being El Diablo (or some rough approximation thereof) does not in any way change the fact that Jacob is the supposed to be the good guy in this little morality play?  What if we are not just supposed to have sympathy for the Devil, but to actually be rooting for Him?

Oh, now that's a little psycho, eh?

I have a lot on this, and I will be working it out and putting it down in electrons soon.  Check back tomorrow.

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  1. Think I need to check out this book. Even if it has no connection to Lost, sounds pretty cool.