Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey, What About That Sideways World?

Yeah, so I got myself so het up about my spoiler discussion below that I never really did get around to writing about what I believe to be the connection between Stephen King's Dark Tower sideways world and the one in Lost. I guess that just means I gots me some more writin' to be doin', eh?

I'll get to it---promise. When? Who the fuck knows? It was five years between posts before the last one, so let's not all get our panties in a bunch and think it's coming this week, this month, or even this year.

OK, it is coming this month. I'm not going to let this blog go fallow for another five years again, if for no other reason than writing is as fun as reading is fundamental. And if I really want to keep writing, then I guess I actually need to . . . well, keep fucking writing. Every day and about something, even if it's about how bad my gas happens to be at that moment, or about the way the leaf I am watching fall to the ground outside my office window reminds me of. . . OK, fuck that. I won't get that crazy with it. I'll take a day off before I write about a leaf falling to the ground outside my window. But I'll try really, really hard not to take too many days off, because I know there are literally tens of people (or at least 10 people) out there waiting for each and every word. Tens of insane, bubble-headed acolytes, who have nothing better to do between visits to YouPorn but wait for me to analyze the Lost Sideways World. (And think, motherfucker, before you click on that YouPorn link, because it's exactly what the hell it sounds like---you don't just have to go clickin' every link I put up just because it's blue).

But, hey, where else are you going to get a link to RIF and YouPorn all in the same paragraph? Nowhere, my friends. Nowhere.

So, I'll get to the Sideways World, and whatever-the-hell else I happen to pique on during any given day, but not today. Tomorrow, perhaps. And if not tomorrow, then definitely later this week when I write up my first ever Lost recap.

In the meantime, suffice it to say that I think that it is very possible that what we are seeing on Lost is merely an alternate universe, rather than a reboot of the time-line to which we have borne witness for the last six years. I need to cogitate a little more before I start putting cursor to monitor, and I may even change my opinion as I write it all out (wouldn't be the first time), but for today I merely decided to go back and rework my last post a bit (mainly cleaning up some syntax and adding in a few fun and/or informative links).

Now, I have to go shopping, and I have to do some yard work if the shopping doesn't take too long, and I really should actually make up for the lost work-work time I wasted blathering on and on here yesterday (yeah, like that is really going to happen).

So, Namaste, and thankee-sai for reading.

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