Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The way-ay-ting is the hardest part.

"Guys, where are we????"

With five days to go now, I find myself in a quandary.  When it comes to Lost, my enthusiasm has not waned in the slightest (even though the past couple episodes have been sub par and sub-sub par), but my desire to write and write and write has deserted me.  I'm sure that will change somewhat during the hour between 9 and 10 this evening (EST), but the idea of doing a long post designed to suss out every last detail of every last prediction I could make fills me with . . . nothing.

This is a not a dis to the show, but rather the natural progression of things.  With each passing week, less and less have I felt the need to figure it all out.  I'm still dying to know (in fact, even more so), but I'm no longer dying to explain it all before it happens (as if I ever could).  I just want to let it wash over me, then post a reaction to it after the fact.  Right now I'm very much "after the fact" about everything Lost-related. 

And you can learn how after the fact after the jump...

There is no disappointment here.  I want to make that clear.  Yeah, some mistakes were made a couple of weeks ago that really left a bad taste in my mouth, and, yes, the episode one week ago was a head scratcher.  I feel I understand much of it now, especially as to why they decided to air it then, and why they choose to make it more personal-mythology related rather than Island-mythology related, but still...  

That I understand more now after rewatching it (and after reading much of the giant load written about it) still doesn't make it wildly entertaining in retrospect, but it at least became more interesting to me.  I've not done the 180 I hoped I would, but I have taken a 90 degree turn at a right angle.

And yet even writing about that turn doesn't move me at the moment.  I just want to get to the end.  Sure, it's nice that I now believe Voldemom was running a long con on Jacob and No Name Bibby from the day they were born, but I'm still so filled with anticipation that I have no interest in looking back at that moment.  I just want to move forward.

(OK, let's look back for a second.  Why didn't Voldemom just tell her boys what the F was up?  Because that would not have accomplished her purpose.  She wanted out.  She wanted the sweet release, and in order to get that she needed one boy to kill her, and one (or both---preferably both) to take over the job that had exhausted her soul and driven her as mad as Moses.  She was playing the boys off of each other since the day they were born.  That was why she told lies she knew No Name Bibby would eventually see right through; and that was why she refused to let him leave the Island; and that was why she destroyed his life's work and wiped out all his new playmates.  She wanted him in a froth of madness that would drive him to slip a certain dagger right between her ribs   and how do you explain that to your kid?)

So, now we wait.  We wait for tonight, and we wait for Sunday.  And then we wait to see how long it take us to process it all.  And then we wait some more to see if our process was accurate.  And while we are waiting, I'll recap tonight's episode.  But it will be very interesting to me to see just how I do it.  Will I pull it apart like like taffy, as I normally do, or will I just give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and pull my head back down into my bunker until Sunday?

What are you going to do?


  1. I'm not a writer of lost, nor even a blog commenter often, but I am a voracious reader of all things lost, and I can see what you mean, Schmoker. I have reached an even keel where I don't even wonder any longer what it is all about. I am just waiting for it to unfold before me over the next 120 hours.

    Nice job putting my feelings into words. You got a rare comment out of me.

  2. I'm with you - I've quit trying to figure it out - maybe because I know everything is set in stone and it's gonna be the way it's gonna be. And with Sun and Jin and Sayid gone, I know it's not going to be the way I WANT it to be.

    Right now I'm just (literally) counting down til tonight's show and figuring what I'm going to do all day Sunday to prepare for the LOST Sunday night!