Thursday, May 20, 2010

You can't hear me but I'm humming (and crying).

"Adagio, people! Adagio."

I have watched the Lost video podcasts all along, and I have enjoyed them enough to tell people they should check out the semi-regular sit-down schtick that Damon and Carlton put on every other week or so, but I'm not one to put out a lot of funny video links. I find that any video I could send to anyone, they probably have already had it forwarded to them forty-eleven times.  If I think something's worthwhile, like the good time that is Damon and Carlton's Martin & Lewis act, then I'll mention it and let you decide to check it out or not. 

But if you are reading this because you are into Lost enough to forgive my poor grammar (I just misspelled "grammar," for the bazillionth time, by the way, but the wavy red line of spell check saved me again), then you are so blinded by Lost-mania that you'll appreciate the first of what I hope will be very few videos posted for exhibition here in our crazy little corner of the internet.

If you have not seen the video linked below, and if you are fan of Lost, watch it now and thank me later.  The video gives us a peak at the Lost Live event, which was a night in celebration of the series; the fans; and, most of all, the wonderful music of Michael Giacchino, who finally won an Oscar this year for Up.

If you are a fan of Lost, and if you have been too busy trying to figure out if they are going to explain what was in Horace and Jacob's cabin to yet weep for the end of the show, then this should be a nice palate cleanser to prepare you for this Sunday's finale.  This should bring on the memories of things past, and maybe produce a tear or two. You'd have to be made of stone in order to make it through the back half of this five minute video without being moved at least somewhat. Or you would have to be someone who has never seen Lost, which you should correct immediately.*

* And by "correct immediately," I mean go watch Season One on DVD.  Do not try to begin watching with this Sunday's finale.  Go watch Season One, and never talk about what is going to happen with anyone who knows what is going to happen until you have gone through all six seasons.  You'll thank me.

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