Friday, April 16, 2010

Da Sphinxes Speak

In their semi-regular podcast this week, Lost co-creators DamCar Darlton Cuselof decided to weigh in on a few actual mysteries.  They do this from time to time, although they also tend to speak obliquely about it when they do.  But your intrepid reporter was on the scene, and here is what I learned:

1.  "Stop with the Keamy crap already!" says DamCar.

Keamy did not say "Island." Period.  End of discussion.  This was reported here before, back when the Keamy-Island nonsense began (as this reporter's ears actually listened to the dialogue, which was in English, no fewer than two times), and it was reported here again last week, when both Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Kevin Durand (Keamy) weighed in on the subject with a resounding, "Stop bugging us.  No one said, "Island."

Now that Cuse and Lindelof have gone on record, too, let us hope that the last bit of this nonsense is as dead and buried as the Shannon and the Libby.

2.  Ellie Hawking loves her little boy Danny, but she doesn't love him that much.

Many a theory was formed over what Eloise Widmore had to say to Desmond during Happily Ever After.  The default position taken by many, was that Ellie Widmore had gone over the Dark Side, or was in fact always there in the first place.  She conspired with the Man in Black, it was said, to create and maintain the Sideways World; in order to save her wuvley wittle boy, Daniel.

This reporter never felt the available facts warranted that opinion, and that the few facts available to us seemed to refute that idea over and over again.  I said so, while allowing that perhaps Eloise had "awakened" to the Sideways World, just as her son had, and now wanted to simply step out of the game and maintain this little slice of world where she and her boy could play with her apron strings forever.  I actually didn't believe this idea, either, but it made a hell of lot of more sense than the idea that Eloise Widmore (ne' Hawking), had actually joined forces with Smokey the Smocke Monster. 

Well, much to my surprise, Darlton cried bullshit, too.

"Yes, it's possible that everything she did was for love of her son," said Demon Lindelof, "but also for the love of the Space-Time Continuum.  'Cause you have to think, if you really love your son, why put him on a path where you have to shoot him in the back?  So, on her scale, Space-Time Continuum ranks slightly higher than Love of Her Son."

And so there you have it: Ellie Widmore (ne' Hawking), definitely not in league with the Man in Black, and more interested in making sure the "right" thing happens with the Universe than whether or not her son gets to eat candy bars with some red-headed slut of a paleontologist. 

Another two annoying non-theories bite the dust, while stubborn people everywhere search in vain for the next Glass Eyeball of Irrelevancy.

Good night, and good luck.

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