Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Early Reaction to Lost 611: How Schweet It Is

Well, it's nice to finally get something right.  Or at least half right, anyway.

"We have to go back, Kate!"

The Sideways World does come after the Man in Black gets off the Island.  But rather than Desmond David Hume carrying The Word to the Sideways World as a last ditch option after that happens, Lost 611, Happily Ever After, showed that to be the primary option---indeed, perhaps the only option---for putting right what once went awry.  But rather than just carrying his message to the Sideways Losties, old Desmond is going to be able to proselytize to their Island counterparts as well, starting with those sleeping next to the belly of the beast himself.

He is apparently going to try and keep it from happening and fix it after the fact---all at the same time.

(So put that in your space-time pipe and smoke it)

Pretty cool.

I'm sick tonight, so this will be short.  But let's hit a few bullet points while I still have single vision.

  • What's up with Ellie?  Is she warning Des off simply because she really does want to stick to a timetable, or does she simply want to stay in Sideways World?  And if she does, has she crossed to the Dark Side, or does she just want her son to stay alive?  Does she feel she gave enough to that damn Island, and now she just wants to save her son before all else?
  • Obviously Des is not the first person to wake up.  No idea who knows how much at this point, but it's clear that the Sideways World is even more unstable than it appeared before.  It's so unnatural, in fact, that it appears it's trying course correct itself all over the place.
  • R.I.P. Epilogue Theory, April 6, 2010.  Thank God.
  • Hello, Chuckles Widmore---a good guy who just wants to kill his son again so all may be right with the world.
  • Nice to see Penny and Des show Isabichard (formerly Richabella) how it's done.
  • Not Penny's Boat made me cry again.  How many times is that going to happen?  I'm rewatching S3 now, so do I have waterworks in story for me one more time?
  • Yeah, Damon Lindelof, I would say the conversation might be a tad different now.  Did I mention RIP Epilogue Theory?  Amongst other things.
  • Wow---not sure when one of my theories ever panned out before.  I may have missed the timing of Desmond becoming the Pied Piper of Sideways World, but at least I finally saw something coming.  Bazinga!
  • Of course, now that it's happened, and now that it is happening in both worlds rather than in just one (which, full disclosure, I in no way saw coming), I think I've solved my last mystery for the series.  I really have no idea what is coming next.
  • OK, I think I may have some idea what's coming next.  
  • "We have to go back, Kate!"  (Damn, I buried the lead again.)
  • I think what is coming next is Desmond letting everyone know that this has all happened before (where have I heard that before?), but that they better make sure that this time it doesn't happen again.
  • Oh, that is so Dark Tower.
  • Meantime, Desmond in Sideways World will preach The Word and---hmmmmm?????
  • ??????????
  • Who cares?  I think this is just going to get more fun.
"We have to go back, Kate!"

See you tomorrow if I don't get zapped electromagnetically into yesterday.


  1. I think the epilogue theory has been dead for weeks, but let's hope this puts the last nail in its coffin. Of course, you said last week that you thought Sun taking a bullet to the belly should make everyone understand that it was no happy epilogue, but people still found a way to twist that one back around to an epilogue.

    Maybe they called this one Happily Ever After because they knew they would be killing that idea about Sideways World for good tonight? God, I hope so.

    But I bet we still see epilogue-shippers trying to turn this to their advantage.

    Keep plugging, Schmoker.

  2. Oh, and thanks for keeping comments open. I'm so sick of comment hoops to jump through.