Thursday, April 22, 2010

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

No time for a real post today, but a guy calling himself Fiftypence over on the Zap2It board where I steal my best Lost ideas (hey, I'm a comedian, not a thinker) dropped the idea that the MiB moved to the Sideways World in the form of Jack's son, David.


Ok, so Jack's son is really the only major sideways character (major in terms of importance, rather than screen time) who never existed in the Island world (at least as far I can remember without doing more digging than I have time for today).  So, there is that.  And Fiftypence also pointed out that, in the most recent episode, The Last Recruit, there was a Jack, Claire, MiB scene on the Island that was shortly followed by a Jack, Claire, David scene in the Sideways World.  So, there is that.

So, let me refer back to the biblical stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Esau which have provided so much fodder for all us crazy Lost theorists over the years.  Abraham was ordered by God to kill his son Isaac as a sacrifice.  Old Abe didn't want to do it, but he eventually decided he must.  Just before he did so, however, the Angel of the Lord stopped him, and God allowed the sacrifice of a ram in Isaac's place.  Isaac then went on to father Jacob and Esau, those bad brothers who have lent so much back story to our Island Jacob and MiB.

So, if we go ahead and assume David actually is the MiB in mortal form, is all of this leading us up to Jack being told he must kill David in order to fix everything?  Is that the sacrifice Jack must make to set right what once he got so very wrong?

 Since Abraham (Jack) ended up not having to kill Issac (David) in the biblical story, this analogy does not seem to bear out completely.  For if our David really is the MiB in doe-eyed, mushy-faced, teenager's clothing, then I don't see how his getting a last minute reprieve will work out for our story.  But it is an interesting idea, no?

By the way, the name of Isaac's mother: Sarah.

Again, all credit to Fiftypence, who peaked my insanity with this idea in the first place.  And some credit to Doc Jensen, who has been writing about Abe, Isaac, Jake and Essy for years.

Oh yeah, and credit to God for inspiring the whole bible thing, too.

Not sure I really buy this theory, but it is a cool idea.  So, what do you think, peeps?


  1. I think you are a lunatic, Schmoker, but it is a cool idea.

  2. The Skeptical SonApril 22, 2010 12:20 PM

    Schmoker, here I thought you were a lover, not a thinker or a comedian.

    If the Sideways World has to go, then Jack has to sacrifice David even if he doesn't actually have to drop a dagger through his heart to do it. So that makes sense.

    Like you, however, I am still not sure the Sidways World is going to have to go. Maybe there is no going back to the Island world, and all the Losties can really do is fix the Sideways World by eliminating the MiB, or raising the Island and trapping him there.

    Or maybe they kill the MiB in whatever his Sideways form is, and then two of the Losties have to go back to the Island and live out life as the new MiB and Jacob.

    Still not certain how Juliet's line about coffee is going to play into this, unless in the end the Sideways World stays and Juliet is the only one to not get her memories back.

  3. What do you think the little boy we keep seeing is, Schmoker? Is it Jacob returning?

  4. The little boy is one of those mysteries I don't think we should be able to really answer right now. I love to play the guessing game about most stuff, but occasionally I feel like they know what they are doing when they keep us in the dark.

    That said, I think he's the Island itself, or some representation of a power that is above Jacob and the MiB. I don't think he's Jacob, because then that takes away all the meaning of the candidates and the conversation that Jacob had with the MiB before he gave him the wine bottle. Jacob said someone would take his place, and I think he would have said, "The Island will just regrow me," if that were really the case.

    I also don't think the little boy has changed in age throughout his appearances. It's been the same actor all three times, and the only things that have been different are his hair and the camera angles used to shoot him. Angles can make you look taller, which might lead people to think he's older, but then I think people just have latched on to the whole hair color issue without even thinking it through.

    Hair doesn't really change color that dramatically as you age. Very small children often have the hair change (mine went from blond to brown, but it was done changing by the time I was 2-years old). Certainly hair does not change so radically from, say, age 13 to age 15, if it even changes at all.

    But let's look at the one thing about hair no one seems to want to acknowledge. If that little boy is Jacob regrowing, then his hair will have to change AGAIN!

    Are you kidding me? He's going to go from pure blond to pure dark hair to pure blond again? All after he was a teenager? And that is supposed to be the writers indicating he is aging? Where are those writers from, the Land of the Mentally Challenged?

    I think the boy is simply the Island (or that higher power the Island itself represents), and I think the hair changes color because the boy represents both the light and the dark. The Island is the unification of the forces represented by Jacob and the MiB. The boy is a physical manifestation of that union, and it's there to let the MiB know he can't just do WTF he pleases.

    Until a new Jacob steps to the fore, the boy is the Island trying to keep the MiB in check as best it can.

    Or maybe I am wrong. But the people who think the boy is aging based on a few different camera angles and one hair coloring treatment are jumping to conclusions even more outlandish than my explanation. Nothing supports the idea that the boy is Jacob being regrown by the Island.

    And there you go. Something definite I can later be shown to be an idiot for saying.

  5. I CANNOT and WILL NOT imagine that the LOST writers would have kept us engaged for six seasons only to see our "hero" murder his son.

    I generally like what fiftypence has to say, but I won't go along with this.

  6. Well, if he's the MiB, then David wouldn't really be his son, would he?

    And even if this silly but fun idea of David as MiB turns out to be just a bunch of BS (which it probably is), if they have to reverse the Sideways World and go back to the Island universe, then essentially Jack would be murdering his son way or the other. If they have to wipe out the Sideways, then they are wiping out David, as well as putting Charlie, Daniel, Libby, Michael, Boone, Shannon, et. al back in the ground.