Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"You can let go now!" - Jorge Garcia

On his weekly podcast over at Geronimo Jack's Beard, Jorge Garcia today confirmed in no uncertain terms that Keamy never said "Island" when talking to Jin in the freezer.  This is one of those silly non-mysteries that is cluttering up the comment boards and has been bugging me to no end (I listend four times and never heard anything that sounds anything like Island---Keamy said "you"), and apparently it's bugging Jorge and Kevin Durand, the actor who plays Keamy, just as much.

So, Jorge said he read the script, which did not have the word "Island," and then, when people would not take that as gospel, he talked to Kevin Durand, who confirmed he did NOT (repeating for the slow and the stubborn: NOT!) say "Island," and that they are both getting really annoyed at fans who won't take the truth for an answer.  He specifically mentioned people who say, "Well, I know what I heard," as being free to be nuts if they so choose, but that they are focusing on something meaningless that never happened.  And Kevin Durand said he's getting sick of the people who don't believe him and are getting pushy about it.

Thanks, Jorge and Kevin, for the confirmation that, yes, Lost fans are indeed certifiable from time to time.

PS - Jorge also said last week that Smokey is "bound by water," and Jorge seemed pretty firm on that point, which is why Jorge said that Smokey does in fact need the plane to get off the Island.  This was all part of my rant on not accepting anything at face value being a sure fire way to ruin your Lost experience.

EDIT: Not that I accept anything at face value, either.  I just find a way not to get hung up on it... by getting hung up on other people getting hung up on it.  Sort of like people who used to be all messed up on drugs before they found the Lord... and now they are all messed up on the Lord.

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  1. Cannot tell you how many times I rewound the DVR to see what the hell people were talking about. Keamy said "what's going to happen to you" plain as day. I heard it the same way over and over again, and the people who think otherwise should all go out to lunch with the people who still think there is more mystery behind the statue destruction or Mikhail's glass eyeball.