Monday, April 12, 2010

Sick and tired of being. . .

Was sick, then busy, then sort of sick again.   Now busy again.  Tough to keep a blog going day in and day out.

At least---for free, anyway.

But I've been working away, and I'll have something up before tomorrow night's episode airs.  Per my usual, it will end up being something very different from what I originally intended it to be, but it will still be about Lost (what a frakking surprise, eh?).

It's the home stretch, people, and like it or love it (or meh it---which, why the hell are you even watching then, you curmudgeon?), it's time to strap ourselves in.  Here a theory, there a theory, everywhere a theory-theory, but old man Schmoker doesn't care.  Whether they are yours or mine (especially mine), they are all so much mental masturbation.  Because the most pleasant surprise of this final season for me has been the way DamCar have managed to answer a lot of big questions without giving jack-shit away about how it will all end.  In fact, not only are they giving nothing away, but the very valid and appropriate answers they have given us have only opened up more avenues of interpretation.

They have set this thing up to end any one of a dozen different ways I can think of, and probably a dozen more of which I cannot even begin to imagine.

That's why they are Darlton; and I am just a dick with a blog.

EDIT: Thanks to the three people who sent me fan mail (or the two people who sent me fan mail and the one guy who sent me hate mail---not sure which I enjoyed more).  Anyway, thanks for those.  They and the comments are nice to see.  At least I am not doing this in a complete vacuum.  But please, leave more comments.  They are wide open, no restrictions, and you can tell me what a jackass I am as often as you please.  I won't delete anything except hate speech and stupidity.

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