Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Questions

Time is fleeting today, so let me ask all of you two Lost related questions:

1.  Will the show end in the Sideways World or the Island Universe?

Despite barely changing my main theory over the course of the season, I am starting to believe that the ending will be very different from what I had been imagining.  I think perhaps the War of the Island will end in the Sideways World.

I had previously thought the sideways Losties would wake up, then they would have to run with the ball right up until they fixed whatever it is they needed to fix (what that may be, I still have no idea), then   POOF    bye-bye Sideways World, and hello to a giant re-do in the Island Universe.  Whatever went wrong on the Island and created the Sideways World in the first place, the Losties would get a second chance to fix it thanks to the efforts of their Sideways selves, who would, following their awakening by Desmond, sacrifice their very existence in order to stop Smocke from escaping and creating the Sideways World in the first place. 

Now I am not so sure.  Now I think that perhaps the end game will play out in the Sideways World, with the Losties winning out over not just Smocke, but also Jacob and the Island, too.  Then perhaps the ones who survive will live out their lives in some sort of merged version of the two universes    one where they remember the Island and all that happened there, but one where that Island is still sitting on the bottom of the sea.

Jacob said he wanted the world to be a place where humans did not need his help, and maybe that is what the Sideways World will be once all is said and done. 

More detail on this in another post, but please use the comment button below to let me know where you think the show will end, and why you think that.

And now on to...

2.  I have a vision of John Locke in recovery at the hospital.  He is wiggling his toes for Dr. Jack, when    BOOM     both of their memories come flooding back.

For Locke, he needs a recreation of that "miracle moment" when he looked down his prone body after the 815 crash and saw his toes wiggling for the first time in four years.  Much like the image of Charlie Pace underwater and pressing his hand to a window first sparked Desmond's memories, seeing his toes wiggling again might just be what sparks John Locke to wake up.  I would not be surprised to see that exact shot from the pilot recreated, with the camera at ground level and looking up along John's body from behind his feet.

For Jack, it could then be a recreation of  his "miracle moment," which was the one between he and Sara, his ex-wife, when he thought she was paralyzed forever after he could not "fix" her during surgery.  Jack came back from his run in the stadium (where he just happened to meet Desmond for the first time, and which we may also see recreated) to see Sara wiggling her toes.

John Locke's toes may not be as cute as Sara's, but recreating that "miracle moment" might just bring it all back for Jack, too.

It's not all lost-loves and near-death-experiences that will bring back your memories.  Sometimes it is just seeing something you have seen before... something from another life, brutha.

So, what do you think of these mini-theories?  Sound off in the comments below by clicking "comment" and leaving me your two pennies.  The comments are wide open, with no restrictions, log-in, password, or verification required.  All you need to comment is an opinion and an attitude.

So, show me some attitude.

(I'll be back tonight around midnight EST with an early reaction to 613, The Last Recruit, and then I'll be back tomorrow with a full recap.)


  1. I am totally lost (pun very much intended) at this point, Schmoker. I have no freaking clue as to where or how the show will end. I feel like we have received a lot of answers so far, but they have just made predicting what is ahead even tougher. I have been going back and forth on Island vs. Sideways for weeks now, and I cannot for the life of me figure which will win out.

    Your ideas sound good to me, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them blown away between 9 and 10 pm tonight.

  2. Princess PussyfootApril 20, 2010 2:57 PM

    I still think we are heading for a new Jacob and new MiB, with my bets on Desmond and Jack filling those roles. I'm not sure the show can end with the Island no longer existing.

    But I have no idea whether Des or Jack will be Jacob or MiB. I could see either one filling either role.

  3. La Grande PierreApril 20, 2010 5:34 PM

    I have long felt the show will end with the Island being destroyed (or the bottle being permanently capped, if you will), and that will create the Sideways World. Then the Lost castaways, or those who survive the Sideways portion of the war, will live out their days self aware in the sideways universe, with the rest of the world none the wiser as to anything that happened.

    Des starting a one man demotion derby will come back to haunt him in this scenario, which could be the sacrifice that Charlies was talking about, but I think ultimately that sacrifice will be to lure Smokey into some sort of death by EM pockets combined with an eruption of the Island volcano, which will sink the island for good, and likely kill Desmond in the process. So, Des could die in the island world and end up in jail in the sideways world.

    Or it could be something else entirely. Like you, Schmoker, that is why I love Lost. It's best when I am waaaaaaay off base.

    Schmoker, thanks so much for keeping comments completely free and open. This is one of the few blogs I read now that does that.

  4. All good ideas, and all ideas I can see coming to pass. Yes, Pierre (Bondurante?), I also see the EM pockets and the volcano coming into play. Like Jughead, you cannot show the volcano and then never use the volcano. That has to play a part before all is said and done.

    By the way, I have never be able to get around to mentioning why I think the women on the Island suddenly developed deadly baby syndrome. I think it was all just done by Jacob in order to have a reason to bring Juliet to the Island. She wasn't there to cure them, but rather was only there to

    1. Save Ben when she convinced Jack to operate.

    2. Save Sawyer and Kate by killing Danny.

    3. Save Ben again by getting Sawyer and Kate to take him to the others in 1977.

    4. Save Ethan when his mother would have died in child birth without Juliet's intervention.

    5. Set off Jughead.

    Juliet was a key player in Jacob's plan, and she had to be brought to the Island under some pretense, and then Ben had to be told he could never let her leave, which I think accounts for why Ben went so psychotic over the years. I think he really loved Juliet, and he would have let her leave if he could, but he was under Jacob's orders to keep her there, which were orders that, like most of Jacob's orders, Ben did not even understand.