Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Live Nude Smod: It's better than '80's Night'!

And we're back!

Taking a break from Lost today to work up a post on attending Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier's Live Nude Smod tour last night at Peabody's in Cleveland (which included me winning one of the six Fleshlights the boys raffled off     and my wife getting smacked in the face with a Pink Limpy thrown by Mosier    and our running for the exit when Peabody's made Kev and Mos get off the stage at 11:30 so they could start 80's Night).

If you have never listened to Smodcast or used a Fleshlight, then come back later for a full description of the zany, scatological (both in content and location), freezing cold fun provided by Smith and Mosier live and in the nude (nudity not included).  A review of the Fleshlight itself will be, ahem, forthcoming.

My carpal tunnel is better today, so I'll have a description coming up later tonight.  In the meantime, listen to Smodcast 15, The Pretty Good Worker, for an instant lesson in how funny and offensive (and offensively funny) this weekly podcast can be.

Warning: Not Fucking Safe for Fucking Work

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